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Raja Ezman Raja Shariff
Consultant Cardiologist & Clinical Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine
University Teknologi MARA
Chairperson - 8th Cardiology Fellows Course 2024

Message from The Scientific Chair of 8th NHAM Cardiology Fellows Course 2024 

Dear friends and colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the 8th NHAM Fellow’s Course 2024. While keeping true to its objectives and tradition of covering essential topics in core cardiology, in preparation for key examinations such as the MRCP and MMED, this year however, we are doing things a little differently !!!

We will be conducting this 2-day event with great focus on common topics often tested in the field of cardiology. We will be discussing various topics through question stems designed to replicate that of the MRCP and MMED. Sessions will be chaired by experienced clinical lecturers and experts in the field of cardiology, to ensure participants are well-guided throughout the event. Topics range from that of preventive cardiology, heart disease in pregnancy, coronary artery disease, peri-operative management, heart failure, valvular heart disease, simple adult congenital heart diseases, and arrhythmias. Participants will have access to more than 150 carefully-designed questions of excellent breadth, aimed at postgraduate cardiology learning. This would be a first in Malaysia and an opportunity to not miss out on!

I am confident that the event will be of great benefit for all postgraduate doctors. Best wishes and I am really looking forward to meeting all of you!