Countdown To Event


The primary goal of the MYLIVE Committee is to improve the knowledge and practices in the cardiovascular industry, and they have developed a program with this objective in mind. By attending MYLIVE 2023, participants will be able to access the latest cutting-edge science, emerging trends, and new opportunities within the international cardiovascular community.

The organizers of the symposium are placing a strong emphasis on education and networking, with the aim of enabling attendees to expand their connections and learn from other experts in the field. The scientific content presented at the symposium will be tailored to address the forefront of cardiovascular health and cover topics that are essential for scientific advancements and research in the local and regional medical landscape.

The event will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The organizers are encouraging all interested individuals to take full advantage of the educational and networking opportunities available. MYLIVE 2023 is an excellent opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge in modern science and connect with fellow experts in the field of cardiovascular health, setting the stage for a successful career in cardiovascular health.