Countdown To Event


1. The cases should be written in English.

2. All cases must be submitted through the ONLINE SYSTEM.

3. Cases submitted via email, fax or post will not be accepted. Cases must be SUBMITTED BY 11:59 p.m. (Malaysia time), on SUNDAY, 2nd July 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted.

4. Title: Capitalised Each Word except prepositions such as “of”, “for”, “and”, “with”, etc.

5. Author and Co-authors: The first name is the presenting author. First name/middle name use initial, last name (surname) in full. Do not use titles (Dr) or degrees (MD). When more than one author is listed, use numbers to match authors and institutions.

6. Affiliations: Department, institution/hospital/organisation. Do not include the address.


Clinical Research in Cardiology
A.W. Mohamed1, K. Muthusamy2, C.L. Tan3
1Department of Cardiology, Hospital ABC, 2Clinical Research Centre, Hospital ABC, 3Department of Pharmacy, Hospital ABC

7. Layout: The cases must be in a single paragraph containing not more than 350 words (No visual, table or graph allowed)

8. The cases summary format should have the following sub-headings in bold:- -

  •      Introduction of the case
  •      Objective
  •      Description of the problem, procedure, technique and equipment's used
  •      Results

Criteria for Best of Malaysia

  • Should be below 40 years of age by 31st December 2023
  • The first author listed must be the presenter in person
  • The presenter must be a medical doctor
  • The presenter must declare he/she is a Malaysian and reside in Malaysia, the case is done in Malaysia by a Malaysian operator and the presenter is involve in performing the case.

Rules for Submission

  • Submitter must be a valid member of the Interventional Cardiovascular Society of Malaysia (ICSM).
  • Cases are subjected to approval by the scientific committee and will be accepted upon full paid registration of the presenting author as an attendee of the MYLIVE 2023 congress.
  • All accepted cases will be included in the related course materials. Cases may be edited for publication. Submission of cases therefore constitutes the author’s consent for publication of cases.
  • Closing date for case submission is 2nd July 2023. Late submission will not be entertained.

Review, Acceptance & Notification

  • An email acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of your case submission. If you do not receive the acknowledgement, please contact the Secretariat at
  • Evaluation will be based on quality, clarity and relevance for our audience, as well as the significance of the materials presented.
  • Presenting authors will receive email notification of case acceptance/rejection by 16th July 2023. The notification will include information on the presentation date and time.
  • The Organising Committee reserves the rights to make final decision on case acceptance/rejection and presentation schedule.
  • The presenting authors must register for the congress before the deadline on 20th July  2023.